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Rekers: “I was doing research as a gay”

Columbia – Dr. George Rekers returned home to South Carolina this morning amid a flurry of questions surrounding reports that he was traveling Europe with a male prostitute. Rekers, a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, has been an outspoken opponent of homosexuality for years.

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Special Report: FITSnews — bought and paid for

FITSNews has a well-earned reputation for playing favorites among palmetto state politicians. The slant is unapologetically conservative, but frequently launches scathing attacks on Republican candidates and office-holders, leading to speculation that his opinions are for sale.

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Michael Vick hired by Gamecocks

Columbia – Contradicting published reports that he’d signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, Gamecocks head ball coach Steve Spurrier announced yesterday that the USC has officially hired former Atlanta Falcon star Michael Vick despite Vick’s 18 month prison stay for dog fighting and gambling. Vick himself seemed pleased to be back in football.

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New USC t-shirt lacks phallic reference

Columbia – School administrators are delighted at a new, seemingly less suggestive t-shirt that’s been popping up around campus this summer.

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Gov. Sanford Throws Guilt Trip on Graduates

Columbia – South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, speaking at the University of South Carolina commencement ceremonies at the Colonial Center Saturday, berated graduates who had taken out too much money in student loans to pay for their education.

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