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Bonneau cops bust old lady for showing her nuts

REAL NEWS from Reuters

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Friendship bracelets bond Carnival, SPA

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill and the SC States Ports Authority Executive Jim Newsome have agreed to exchange friendship bracelets in lieu of local safeguards and standards.

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Wham, bam, no time to say ‘sorry’ man

REAL NEWS from The State

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Bauer proposes massive investment in “Andrébahn”

Dillon – Fresh off of his official entry into the South Carolina gubernatorial election, Lt. Governor André Bauer began his issue roll-out this week with what he is calling his “big idea” to bring our state into the 21st century.

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Cash for clunkers funds opposed by legislators, governor

Oconee – The wildly successful cash for clunkers program is being opposed by the state’s legislative leaders. The program, paying up to $4500 for qualifying cars to reduce the price on new automobiles ran out of funding last week.

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Fed up with Sanford, SC moves while he’s away

North Augusta – In a startling and unanimous agreement across economic, racial, and political lines, the entire population of South Carolina has agreed to relocate to an undisclosed location while Governor Sanford is away on vacation.

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Pornography clause in stimulus ruling causes little concern

Columbia – An unusual clause in the state supreme court’s now-famous stimulus package ruling will allow the funds to be used for the creation of higher quality pornography billboards along the interstates that carve their way through South Carolina.

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Christians, Atheists battle over I-26 billboards

Charleston – Gangland turf wars erupted yesterday on the side of the interstate between warring factions of Christians and atheists.

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