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SC lawmaker targets pot in response to shooting

With the shootings in Arizona still fresh in people’s minds, newly-elected State Representative Dorothy Short is wasting no time proposing legislation to ensure that a similar incident doesn’t happen in South Carolina.

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The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #2 Alvin Greene

This time last year, Chad McGowan and Mike Ruckes were the Democrats running against Jim DeMint for his seat in the Senate. When they didn’t seem serious, Vic Rawl jumped in and looked to be a shoe-in for the nomination. Enter Alvin.

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Census conditionally awards SC additional House seat

Washington – As expected, the 2010 Census has resulted in an additional Congressional seat as well as an additional electoral vote. Unexpectedly, the seventh seat was conditional and came with a warning.

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Haley shocked to find Statehouse filled with lawyers

Governor-elect Nikki Haley, who spent much of the last six months warning South Carolinians about the perils of electing lawyers, watched in horror this week as almost 40 of them were sworn in as state Senators and Representatives.

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Haley, Ard announce new “Pledge to South Carolina”

Columbia – In a joint press conference Thursday, GOP candidate Nikki Haley for Governor and Ken Ard for Lt. Governor announced a new “Pledge to South Carolina.” Haley said, “our goal will be to pass business-friendly legislation.” “…until we do,” Ard continued, “we pledge to stop paying our taxes.”

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Nikki Haley wins MacArthur “Genius Grant”

Lexington – Two weeks ago Nikki Haley received an unusual phone call asking to speak to her and her alone. As is her habit, she immediately hung up, but after the caller called back repeatedly over the course of the next week, she eventually succumbed and took the call.

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Stewart and Colbert plan DC Rally; South Carolina plots preemptive counter-protest

Columbia – In an emergency conference call, a hastily assembled coalition of South Carolina’s politicians, bloggers, newspaper reporters, strategists, and inmates crafted plans to protest a newly announced rally by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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A political fable with a truly transparent moral

Once upon a time in the Southern Kingdom of Carolina there was a princess named Nikki who wore nearly no clothes for she believed the common people of the land wanted to see her for what she was.

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