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SC Lobbyists team up for “Mega-Awesome” proposal

Columbia — In a cost-cutting measure, some of South Carolina’s most influential lobbyists have combined forces to try to pass legislation that would create the world’s largest facility that would serve as a mall, a landfill, a private school funded by vouchers, and a check-cashing/payday lending service.

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SC Asst. AG busted in cemetery with stripper; brought sex toys “just in case”

REAL NEWS from The State

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Shunned by NFL, Limbaugh looks to Fantasy Football

Charleston – Still stung by rejection in his effort to buy into the NFL via the St. Louis Rams, Rush Limbaugh has set his sites lower and is looking to invest in a fantasy football league run jointly out of South Carolina and Maryland. Limbaugh contacted the Über League of American Football’s (ULAF) co-commissioner, Brian Barrie, about the investment on Thursday.

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Sanfords visited red light district, SLED agents claim

Amsterdam – SLED agents assigned to secretly follow the governor and his family reported today that Governor Sanford and his wife Jenny left their four sons in a hotel while they cavorted in Amsterdam’s steamy red light district.

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SC will end tax free weekend, Obama-like thinking

Columbia – South Carolinians have become dependent on the annual tax-free back to school shopping weekend in August. Too dependent say some. Others in key leadership positions say that they don’t want SC to become a haven for an “Obama-like” mentality that everything is free.

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Payday lenders hire homeless

Myrtle Beach – Stung by predatory lending criticisms, South Carolina’s payday lenders organized at a meeting in Horry County yesterday and laid plans to hire the state’s homeless. The new organization, Predatory Lender’s Council (PLC) aims to change the image of the industry.

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Gov. Sanford Refuses “$1.00 off” Coupon

Columbia – Governor Sanford was at the center of yet another controversy today when he refused to accept a discount at the Harris Teeter in downtown Columbia.

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