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Tiger Woods boycotted SC women over Confederate flag issue

The new question seems to be not who Tiger has slept with, but who he hasn’t. The answer? The women of South Carolina.

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Sanford response to ethics charges: “No, no, no…”

Columbia – Responding to the release of the 37 ethics charges released by the South Carolina Ethics Commission on Monday, Governor Mark Sanford wasted no time in answering the charges.

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Sarah Palin “Rogue” book revelation: Mark Sanford fantasy

Wasilla, Alaska — Among the many revelations in former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue” are apparently intimate musings the Alaskan governor had about South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

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SC Attorney General’s office repels zombie attack with graveyard sex

Columbia – Addressing earlier accounts that one of his key staffers was engaging in intercourse with a stripper in a cemetery, Attorney General Henry McMaster announced today that his office had successfully turned back an invasion of the undead.

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SC Asst. AG busted in cemetery with stripper; brought sex toys “just in case”

REAL NEWS from The State

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Baptists battle Pope for Episcopal souls in SC

Mt. Pleasant – The recent decree from the Vatican opening the door for Episcopals to enter into communion with the Catholic has been met with resistance from South Carolina’s Baptist establishment.

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Special Report: FITSnews — bought and paid for

FITSNews has a well-earned reputation for playing favorites among palmetto state politicians. The slant is unapologetically conservative, but frequently launches scathing attacks on Republican candidates and office-holders, leading to speculation that his opinions are for sale.

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Sanford wins lesser-known Nobel “Piece” prize

Stockholm – In sharp contrast to President Obama’s surprise victory this morning taking home the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford was the heavy favorite to take home this year’s Nobel Piece Prize and his selection surprised nobody.

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