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Special Report: FITSnews — bought and paid for

FITSNews has a well-earned reputation for playing favorites among palmetto state politicians. The slant is unapologetically conservative, but frequently launches scathing attacks on Republican candidates and office-holders, leading to speculation that his opinions are for sale.

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RNC launches SC-specific website

Washington – Following yesterday’s glitch-plagued re-launch of, the Republican National Committee (RNC) today launched several state-specific versions of their flagship website, including one solely for South Carolina residents.

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DeMint denies foreign intervention, claims Honduran getaway with male companions

Washinton, DC – Senator Jim DeMint is denying claims that he was countermanding U.S. policy towards Honduras during a trip there this past weekend, saying instead that he was just taking a break with a three male companions from Congress in the Central American hot spot.

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Liberal keeps support for DeLay in the closet

Columbia – Martin Bell attended Berkeley in the 1960′s, is a proud card-carrying member of SCETV and flies to San Francisco every year to attend the Gay Pride Parade wearing a Speedo, chaps and not much else.

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Some SC residents hoping for a hurricane

Mt. Pleasant – As South Carolina approaches the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo next month, a number of coastal residents are hoping for a hurricane landfall this year.

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Sanfords visited red light district, SLED agents claim

Amsterdam – SLED agents assigned to secretly follow the governor and his family reported today that Governor Sanford and his wife Jenny left their four sons in a hotel while they cavorted in Amsterdam’s steamy red light district.

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Colbert for Congress? SC native won’t rule it out.

Charleston – It’s been well over a month since the movement to draft Charleston native Stephen Colbert to run for Congress launched their website, and the host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report persists in his lack of denials. Colbert would be vying for 1st District septuagenarian Henry Brown’s (R) seat.

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Eight busted for filming people not having sex in Myrtle Beach

REAL NEWS from the Myrtle Beach Sun News

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