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Gov. Haley brutally beaten, piñata industry suffers


Little did Donna Dewitt know of the wave of troubles and ill will her demeaning and insensitive actions last week would bring upon the nation.

Instead of the intended results of a shower of candy, smacking a piñata bearing the image of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley produced a spill of animosity instead.

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Revealed: Charlie Sheen rants are scripted… by Chuck Lorre


Charlie Sheen may be “winning,” but behind every winning actor is a talented writer and this case is no exception. TheDiscust has exclusively learned that the scribe behind Sheen’s recent ranting and raving is none other than his supposed nemesis, Chuck Lorre.

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A tempting new candidate for Senate

Myrtle Beach – The 2010 race to become South Carolina’s next representative in the United States Senate has taken a startling twist today, as a new candidate is poised to enter the race.

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He gave cash to the chick in the trailer, but got ticked when he couldn’t nail her


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Democrats vow to one day be a minor factor in SC politics

Columbia – Jaded South Carolinians have been left even more stunned and amazed than usual today thanks to a bold statement coming from the State Democratic Party Chairman Carol Fowler.

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Pre-filed bills would change legislative process in Columbia

Absent from most of the media attention, however, are a slew of proposals from State Representative Preston Brooks (R-Edgefield). Brooks, an ardent supporter of Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC2), appears to be attempting to change the legislative process in significant ways.

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Sen. Robert Ford wins first SC governor debate

Orangeburg – It was an unusual format for a debate and it had unexpected results. You wouldn’t expect to have a clear victor in a two-party, ten-way debate, but the near unanimous verdict is that state Sen. Robert Ford (D-Charleston) was the hands-down winner tonight.

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Halloween canceled in the Upstate

Citing a concern about witchcraft, gay-oriented television shows and declining math scores across the state, leaders confirmed that local law enforcement, school officials and clergy will work together to get the word out that the Upstate will be Halloween-free in 2009.

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