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Henry Brown saves Christmas, woos conservatives

Myrtle Beach – First District Congressman Henry Brown embarked on a bold new strategy this week to appeal to his conservative base by embracing Christmas.

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Throwdown Thursday: Mark Z. Barabak of the LA Times

As most of you know, one of the primary missions of theDiscust is to internalize our dysfunction here in South Carolina. We know we have problems, but they’re our problems. We have plenty of qualified people here in the state to discuss/lampoon our problems, and we certainly don’t need some media elitist from California piling on.

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Sanford wins lesser-known Nobel “Piece” prize

Stockholm – In sharp contrast to President Obama’s surprise victory this morning taking home the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford was the heavy favorite to take home this year’s Nobel Piece Prize and his selection surprised nobody.

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Wilson claims he fought to get MLK Day recognized as state holiday

Columbia — Seeking to discredit criticism that he is racially insensitive, Rep. Joe Wilson on Tuesday cited his efforts as a state legislator to get Martin Luther King Jr. Day recognized as an official South Carolina state holiday.

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The Sanford Chronicles, Episode 1

click on the video for a larger view More about The Sanford Chronicles

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The Sanford Chronicles: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?

Episode 1: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to? finds our governor struggling with the eternal question: “Do I take this ginormous sack of money from the government, or do I fight against it a little while longer even though I’m pretty sure I’ll lose in the end?”

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Racists distance themselves from Joe Wilson

Laurens – Talk around the World Famous Redneck Shop has turned to politics this week, in the wake of the Joe “the Heckler” incident in Congress last week and accusations that he’s a racist. Opinions varied somewhat, but the consensus seemed to be that Wilson, while having some legitimate racist-type credentials, is not in fact a racist.

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House to vote on resolution authorizing ‘timeouts’ for unruly Congressmen

Washington, DC – In response to Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R, SC-02) recent outburst during a presidential address to Congress,as well as to a growing breakdown in decorum in the House chamber, a vote has been schedule to institute some peace-keeping measures. The controversial proposal, if implemented, would put a number of new disciplinary powers in the hands of the Speaker of the House, a position currently held by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

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