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Giant meteor headed towards Earth, GOP not falling for it


Mauna Kea Observatories, Hawaii — Astronomers from around the world are trying to get the word out that a giant meteor is heading directly towards the earth, but the government shutdown in the United States is severely limiting further research and exploration of potential solutions.

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Liberals shocked more of their taxes don’t pay for abortions


The Obama administration rolled out a new tool this week to allow taxpayers to see exactly how their money is being spent. While Advocates for government transparency are pleased with this new service, the breakdown has some Americans seeing red.

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Haley gives Obama the (Angry) Bird

Hundreds of politicians have made a career of going to Washington to fight pork, but few have gone so far as to fling birds at pigs in the White House.

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Obama agrees to step in at Apple should Jobs be unable to continue

Palo Alto, CA – In an statement timed to reassure skittish stockholders, Apple Computer has announced that President Barack Obama will assume control of the technology company should CEO Steve Jobs be unable to continue at the helm.

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Joe Wilson forms “Angry Bird” caucus in Congress

Washington – There’s a new air of cooperation in the Capitol this week but that isn’t stopping some of the more vocal members from banding together to form their own caucus.

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Obama to Rep. Joe Wilson: “Who’s lying now?”

Beaufort – Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC2) received an unexpected phone call from Washington this weekend relating to the ongoing investigation into his alleged ethics lapses.

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Obama hates South Carolina, proves it with NCAA bracket

Washington, DC – Barack Obama’s unspoken disdain for South Carolina became apparent on Wednesday with the release of his official NCAA Basketball Tournament picks.

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Joe Wilson pondering how to become relevant again

Beaufort – Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC2), who garnered international attention for shouting “You Lie!” during a September presidential speech on health care reform, is contemplating an encore to stay hot with this year’s elections around the corner.

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