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Haley offers tearful tribute to retiring nemesis Brown


The public may have seen the ongoing feud between Republican Governor Nikki Haley and Democratic Rep. Boyd Brown as just another political impasse, but behind the scenes the truth was much more complicated.

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South Carolina governed by sketchy characters


Charleston, SC – What do you call tax cheats, a campaign finance violators, and an adulterous stalkers who win elections? In South Carolina we call it government.

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Revealed: Charlie Sheen rants are scripted… by Chuck Lorre


Charlie Sheen may be “winning,” but behind every winning actor is a talented writer and this case is no exception. TheDiscust has exclusively learned that the scribe behind Sheen’s recent ranting and raving is none other than his supposed nemesis, Chuck Lorre.

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South Carolina gun law redefines “Law-Abiding”


South Carolina’s legislature is moving forward with a concealed gun measure that would effectively redefine the term “law-abiding” in the state.

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Joe Wilson forms “Angry Bird” caucus in Congress

Washington – There’s a new air of cooperation in the Capitol this week but that isn’t stopping some of the more vocal members from banding together to form their own caucus.

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Christine O’Donnell admits she cursed SC Senate race

Ending months of speculation, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell admited today that she had indeed placed a curse on the South Carolina Senate race in exchange for Sen. Jim DeMint’s support of her campaign.

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DeMint issues new demands in Senate standoff

Washington – South Carolina’s Senator Jim DeMint, who made headlines this week by threatening to shut down the Senate, ratcheted up his demands today with a controversial list of new requirements of his fellow senators.

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Wrap-up of South Carolina primary election night headlines

Columbia – It was a busy election night for the news reporters in South Carolina — too busy to actually write stories to go along with the headlines, but then, who really reads the story anyway?

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