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CNN adds SC GOP reality show to Fall schedule

Atlanta – CNN, the once-dominant force in cable news, is turning to reality programming to try to stem the tide of lost viewers. Beginning in early August and continuing through the November election, CNN will be airing “The Real GOP Consultants of South Carolina,” a weekly hour-long show featuring some of the Palmetto State’s more prominent Republican political consultants.

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Five young white guys drink, decide future of SC

Columbia – Where do you turn when you don’t know what to make of politics in this state? Everyone knows the real power in this state rests with young white guys drinking in bars, but that has always been a world shrouded in mystery. Until now.

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Glenn Beck prevents tragedy in attempted mass bridge jumping

Greenville – Authorities prevented a near disaster on Thursday when dozens of Glenn Beck’s loyal viewers lined up on the Liberty Bridge and appeared to be preparing to jump.

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