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Exclusive Ken Ard video addressing his future in politics


Ken Ard emerged briefly today to issue a short statement about his future in politics and theDiscust has the exclusive video footage.

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SC GOP solicits funds to honor current & recent leaders

South Carolina Legends

How much would you give to see a Mt. Rushmore-inspired monument depicting Mark Sanford, André Bauer, Nikki Haley, and Ken Ard? That’s exactly what the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) wants to know.

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Ken Ard to hold fundraiser to pay back donors, not to shop more

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Lt. Governor Ken Ard is determined to pay back all the donors who feel slighted by his alleged spending of campaign funds on personal expenses. And he’s asking you to help him do it.

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Ken Ard spent my money and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Columbia – After eight ever-interesting years with André Bauer as Lt. Governor, South Carolina was looking forward to what looked to be a pretty dull four-to-eight years of Ken Ard. Oh how wrong we were.

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Haley, Ard announce new “Pledge to South Carolina”

Columbia – In a joint press conference Thursday, GOP candidate Nikki Haley for Governor and Ken Ard for Lt. Governor announced a new “Pledge to South Carolina.” Haley said, “our goal will be to pass business-friendly legislation.” “…until we do,” Ard continued, “we pledge to stop paying our taxes.”

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