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Nikki Haley creates new jobs – in France


Paris, France – Nikki Haley may be feeling the heat back in South Carolina after spending over $127,000 on a seemingly unproductive trip to France, but the French people couldn’t be happier with her performance.

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Exclusive Ken Ard video addressing his future in politics


Ken Ard emerged briefly today to issue a short statement about his future in politics and theDiscust has the exclusive video footage.

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Statewide manhunt underway for “Phantom Applicant”

Governor Haley (left) and an police sketch of the suspect.

An urgent alert has been issued to law enforcement agencies around the state today as police and other enforcement agencies tried to track down the person alleged to have made false claims on behalf of Governor Nikki Haley.

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Obama agrees to step in at Apple should Jobs be unable to continue

Palo Alto, CA – In an statement timed to reassure skittish stockholders, Apple Computer has announced that President Barack Obama will assume control of the technology company should CEO Steve Jobs be unable to continue at the helm.

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Haley on staff raises: “It will trickle down.”

Newly inaugurated Governor Nikki Haley wasted little time taking action to turn around South Carolina’s economy, with her first act of economic stimulus being to increase salaries of her personal staff.

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Mark Sanford set to join “Dancing with the Stars”

With his two-term tenure as governor coming to an end, there’s been much speculation as to what Governor Sanford’s next career move might be, but now it appears he may be waltzing his way to Hollywood.

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South Carolina to bar New Yorkers, Californians

Columbia – Following Arizona’s lead, South Carolina is expected to enact the nation’s toughest immigration laws to date, with New Yorkers and Californians to be officially declared persona non grata.

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Most Americans assume Sen. Bunning is from South Carolina

Washington, DC – A Gallop poll gauging public opinion about Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has returned a surprising result: 65% of Americans think he’s from South Carolina.

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