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Sandford buys another controversial full-page ad


On the heels of a controversial full-page ad taken last weekend in the Charleston Post and Courier, Mark Sanford is going back to the well in an effort to prop up his flailing campaign.

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Sanford explains other unauthorized visits to ex-wife’s house


Following what he described in a full-page newspaper ad as a “rough week,” former South Carolina governor and current Congressional candidate Mark Sanford has decided to come forward to explain all of the alleged trespassing incidents at his ex-wife Jenny’s house.

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Long-lost episode of The Sanford Chronicles rediscovered


by William Moultrie Charleston, SC – Mark Sanford’s recent engagement to Argentine Maria Belen Chapur has prompted renewed interest in the former governor’s disappearing act back in 2009 including theDiscust’s production of The Sanford Chronicles, Pt. 1.

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Mark Sanford set to join “Dancing with the Stars”

With his two-term tenure as governor coming to an end, there’s been much speculation as to what Governor Sanford’s next career move might be, but now it appears he may be waltzing his way to Hollywood.

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SC Lobbyists team up for “Mega-Awesome” proposal

Columbia — In a cost-cutting measure, some of South Carolina’s most influential lobbyists have combined forces to try to pass legislation that would create the world’s largest facility that would serve as a mall, a landfill, a private school funded by vouchers, and a check-cashing/payday lending service.

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Sanford Memoir Reveals Governor to be Biggest A**hole on Planet

Columbia – theDiscust has received an advance copy of South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford’s new book “Staying True,” which relates the experience of how she dealt with the governor’s affair with an Argentinian woman.

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Sanford’s impeachment fight previews fight for unemployment benefits

Columbia – With State Rep. Greg Delleney’s announcement on Tuesday that he will be introducing an impeachment resolution when the Legislature reconvenes next week, Sanford watchers are already looking ahead to an even tougher fight for the soon-to-be-former governor: filing for unemployment benefits.

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The Sanford Chronicles: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?

Episode 1: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to? finds our governor struggling with the eternal question: “Do I take this ginormous sack of money from the government, or do I fight against it a little while longer even though I’m pretty sure I’ll lose in the end?”

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