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DeMint discusses “C Street Family”

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Pat Robertson urges disaster relief for Conan staff and writers

Tega Cay – In a massive outpouring of compassion, followers of Reverend Pat Robertson are collecting clothing, blankets, bottled water and money to send to the soon-to-be-unemployed staff of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

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Henry Brown saves Christmas, woos conservatives

Myrtle Beach – First District Congressman Henry Brown embarked on a bold new strategy this week to appeal to his conservative base by embracing Christmas.

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Halloween canceled in the Upstate

Citing a concern about witchcraft, gay-oriented television shows and declining math scores across the state, leaders confirmed that local law enforcement, school officials and clergy will work together to get the word out that the Upstate will be Halloween-free in 2009.

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In the name of the Father, the turn, and the holy river…


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Activist uses South Carolina Constitution’s ‘God Clause’ to oppose ‘Gay’ Bauer

Greenville – Robert Jameson is on a mission to keep Governor Mark Sanford in office. Jameson, a longtime follower of Fred Phelps, the Baptist pastor from Kansas who is notorious for protesting at the funerals of homosexuals and fallen soldiers, believes that Lt. Governor André Bauer is not eligible to assume the position of governor until questions about his sexual orientation are answered.

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Movement aims to replace SC flag

Andrews – South Carolina’s iconic flag has survived over two and a quarter centuries and a nationality change, but if a coalition of christian denominations gets it’s way, it’s days may be numbered.

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Stimulus dollars create stem cell research center in SC

Greenville – Federal stimulus dollars have trickled into a little known program at Clemson University which will create the nation’s largest stem cell research center. Almost two and a half million dollars have been appropriated for the project.

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