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Liberal keeps support for DeLay in the closet

Columbia – Martin Bell attended Berkeley in the 1960′s, is a proud card-carrying member of SCETV and flies to San Francisco every year to attend the Gay Pride Parade wearing a Speedo, chaps and not much else.

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Dear South Carolina

An open letter to South Carolina from Governor Mark Sanford, available exclusively on
[upon further examination, it appears the governor inserted over 60 Michael Jackson song titles into his statement; we're beginning to worry]

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Roller Disco Cruise ends in tragedy

Charleston – Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but there are apparently limits to the truth of that saying. Following another successful Disco Harbor Cruise by local radio station Y102.5, a new player in the market, “Rewind 99.9″ decided to copy the format and add a new twist.

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