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Christine O’Donnell admits she cursed SC Senate race

Ending months of speculation, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell admited today that she had indeed placed a curse on the South Carolina Senate race in exchange for Sen. Jim DeMint’s support of her campaign.

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DeMint issues new demands in Senate standoff

Washington – South Carolina’s Senator Jim DeMint, who made headlines this week by threatening to shut down the Senate, ratcheted up his demands today with a controversial list of new requirements of his fellow senators.

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Stewart and Colbert plan DC Rally; South Carolina plots preemptive counter-protest

Columbia – In an emergency conference call, a hastily assembled coalition of South Carolina’s politicians, bloggers, newspaper reporters, strategists, and inmates crafted plans to protest a newly announced rally by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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A tempting new candidate for Senate

Myrtle Beach – The 2010 race to become South Carolina’s next representative in the United States Senate has taken a startling twist today, as a new candidate is poised to enter the race.

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Alvin Greene doll set to hit store shelves

Charleston – The first shipment of Alvin Greene action figures arrived in port today from Mattel Inc.’s Chinese assembly plant and were immediately transferred to trucks for distribution around the state. TheDiscust has exclusively obtained some of the marketing materials for the doll, which is expected to be a huge hit.

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DeMint returns salary, plans opt-out of Social Security

Washington – Senator Jim DeMint announced today that he is returning his Congressional salary, declining all associated benefits, and taking steps to remove himself from other government-backed programs such as Social Security.

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Jim DeMint joins the cast of Glee at the White House

Jim DeMint makes a surprise appearance at the White House with the cast of Glee.

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DeMint discusses “C Street Family”

click on the video for a larger view

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