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South Carolina avoids Texas-style textbook dilemma

Columbia – South Carolina’s textbook task force claims to have found a way to avoid all of the controversy plaguing the Texas School Board and save money at the same time.

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Throwdown Thursday: Mark Z. Barabak of the LA Times

As most of you know, one of the primary missions of theDiscust is to internalize our dysfunction here in South Carolina. We know we have problems, but they’re our problems. We have plenty of qualified people here in the state to discuss/lampoon our problems, and we certainly don’t need some media elitist from California piling on.

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Photoshop Friday — Antique Map Edition

This week we’re going with an oldie but goodie. Really old actually. The original document is a map from 1861 obtained from the Library of Congress archives. The photoshop work was highlighting South Carolina while reducing the visibility of the less-important neighboring states and partially obscuring them with our state flag.

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Citadel professor involved in plot to destroy the moon

Charleston – Continuing a Citadel tradition of hotheaded gun-jumping, a professor in the military college’s physics department, John Richardson, assisted in bombarding the Earth’s moon with a giant shell disguised as a research satellite.

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NCAA moves Clemson/Carolina game to Georgia

Indianapolis — The NCAA announced today that the annual football clash between South Carolina’s two biggest schools will be moved to Athens, Georgia, in response to the ongoing conflict between the state legislature and the NAACP over the confederate flag issue.

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Wilson claims he fought to get MLK Day recognized as state holiday

Columbia — Seeking to discredit criticism that he is racially insensitive, Rep. Joe Wilson on Tuesday cited his efforts as a state legislator to get Martin Luther King Jr. Day recognized as an official South Carolina state holiday.

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Racists distance themselves from Joe Wilson

Laurens – Talk around the World Famous Redneck Shop has turned to politics this week, in the wake of the Joe “the Heckler” incident in Congress last week and accusations that he’s a racist. Opinions varied somewhat, but the consensus seemed to be that Wilson, while having some legitimate racist-type credentials, is not in fact a racist.

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Shame on you Jon Stewart [updated w/Colbert response]

SPECIAL COMMENTARY: Like the rest of the country, South Carolinians rely on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to provide insightful analysis of news and politics, but lately, the fair and balanced coverage we’ve become accustomed to has taken a nasty twist.

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