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Mark Sanford rescinds call for more debates with Elizabeth Colbert Bush

mark sanford and elizabeth colbert busch debate

Following his widely panned debate performance against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is backing away from his plea for more debates.

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Stewart and Colbert plan DC Rally; South Carolina plots preemptive counter-protest

Columbia – In an emergency conference call, a hastily assembled coalition of South Carolina’s politicians, bloggers, newspaper reporters, strategists, and inmates crafted plans to protest a newly announced rally by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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Henry Brown downplays Colbert candidacy

Myrtle Beach – The competition for the Republican nomination is heating up in the First Congressional District of South Carolina. The big question everyone is asking, though, is ‘Where is Stephen Colbert?’

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SC’s top satirical website celebrates anniversary with self-promotion

Charleston – In a shocking departure from tradition, a South Carolina-based satirical website, theDiscust, has eschewed the traditional hard-hitting Monday morning breaking news for a bit of self-promotion.

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Shame on you Jon Stewart [updated w/Colbert response]

SPECIAL COMMENTARY: Like the rest of the country, South Carolinians rely on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to provide insightful analysis of news and politics, but lately, the fair and balanced coverage we’ve become accustomed to has taken a nasty twist.

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Colbert for Congress? SC native won’t rule it out.

Charleston – It’s been well over a month since the movement to draft Charleston native Stephen Colbert to run for Congress launched their website, and the host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report persists in his lack of denials. Colbert would be vying for 1st District septuagenarian Henry Brown’s (R) seat.

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Colbert mum on Congressional aspirations

Stephen Colbert, star of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” is remaining silent on growing rumors that he is planning to run for Congress. Were he to run, he would likely seek to unseat incumbent Republican Henry Brown in the first congressional district, a district that includes Charleston, Colbert’s hometown.

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