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Gresham Barrett visited by ghosts of founding fathers

Washington – Having just settled down for a long autumn’s nap following a marathon Congressional session on Saturday, Rep. Gresham Barrett was visited by a congregation of ghosts from America’s past.

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Sen. Robert Ford wins first SC governor debate

Orangeburg – It was an unusual format for a debate and it had unexpected results. You wouldn’t expect to have a clear victor in a two-party, ten-way debate, but the near unanimous verdict is that state Sen. Robert Ford (D-Charleston) was the hands-down winner tonight.

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Photoshop Friday — Gubernatorial Race Logo Edition

Hey all, Sometimes I’m feeling a big more visually creative than editorially creative, so to that end, I’m introducing a new feature, Photoshop Friday @ theDiscust.

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Who’s your Governor (choice) now?

In around six months, South Carolina will divide into R’s and D’s and pick our Governor Candidates, and in about a year and a month, we’ll choose between those two. That makes this, my friends, what may be your only opportunity to pick from the entire announced field (plus André, ’cause who are we kidding) of Democrats and Republicans.

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