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Bauer further clarifies “stray animals” remark

Columbia – Following nationwide outrage over remarks he made earlier in the week, South Carolina Lt. Governor André Bauer attempted to further clarify his metaphor comparing poor people to stray animals.

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Bauer proposes massive investment in “AndrĂ©bahn”

Dillon – Fresh off of his official entry into the South Carolina gubernatorial election, Lt. Governor AndrĂ© Bauer began his issue roll-out this week with what he is calling his “big idea” to bring our state into the 21st century.

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Throwdown Thursday: Mark Z. Barabak of the LA Times

As most of you know, one of the primary missions of theDiscust is to internalize our dysfunction here in South Carolina. We know we have problems, but they’re our problems. We have plenty of qualified people here in the state to discuss/lampoon our problems, and we certainly don’t need some media elitist from California piling on.

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Who’s your Governor (choice) now?

In around six months, South Carolina will divide into R’s and D’s and pick our Governor Candidates, and in about a year and a month, we’ll choose between those two. That makes this, my friends, what may be your only opportunity to pick from the entire announced field (plus AndrĂ©, ’cause who are we kidding) of Democrats and Republicans.

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Exclusive GOP Governor Debate footage

The South Carolina Republican Party has found a new direction thanks to the inspired leadership of their new fundraising champion Joe Wilson. It’s going to be an exciting campaign.

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Activist uses South Carolina Constitution’s ‘God Clause’ to oppose ‘Gay’ Bauer

Greenville – Robert Jameson is on a mission to keep Governor Mark Sanford in office. Jameson, a longtime follower of Fred Phelps, the Baptist pastor from Kansas who is notorious for protesting at the funerals of homosexuals and fallen soldiers, believes that Lt. Governor André Bauer is not eligible to assume the position of governor until questions about his sexual orientation are answered.

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Bauer: If Sanford doesn’t step down, I’ll start driving again

Columbia – Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer renewed his offer to stay out of the 2010 gubernatorial race if Governor Sanford chose to resign rather than face impeachment and threatened to begin driving again if the Governor chose not to.

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Fed up with Sanford, SC moves while he’s away

North Augusta – In a startling and unanimous agreement across economic, racial, and political lines, the entire population of South Carolina has agreed to relocate to an undisclosed location while Governor Sanford is away on vacation.

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