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Sandford buys another controversial full-page ad


On the heels of a controversial full-page ad taken last weekend in the Charleston Post and Courier, Mark Sanford is going back to the well in an effort to prop up his flailing campaign.

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Charleston’s Post and Courier launches pay-per-peek charges at newspaper boxes


As newspapers around the country are struggling to stay afloat, the publisher of Charleston’s Post and Courier thinks they have found a new source of income. Starting this week, the paper will be rolling out new covers on their newspaper boxes to prevent people from reading the front of the newspaper without paying first.

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Riley launches controversial campaign to extend I-526


Charleston, SC – The debate on whether or not to extend Interstate 526 in Charleston County was ratcheted up to a new level today with the launch of a controversial campaign by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

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McRibbed for her pleasure


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College of Charleston testing applications via Twitter

Charleston – One of the country’s oldest colleges is turning to one of the world’s newest technologies in an effort to attract more technologically ‘hip’ students. The College of Charleston is currently testing a process that would allow students to complete part of their initial enrollment application via twitter.

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Special Report: FITSnews — bought and paid for

FITSNews has a well-earned reputation for playing favorites among palmetto state politicians. The slant is unapologetically conservative, but frequently launches scathing attacks on Republican candidates and office-holders, leading to speculation that his opinions are for sale.

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RNC launches SC-specific website

Washington – Following yesterday’s glitch-plagued re-launch of, the Republican National Committee (RNC) today launched several state-specific versions of their flagship website, including one solely for South Carolina residents.

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Coca-Cola introduces “Throwback Coke” with real cocaine

Anderson – The Coca-Cola company, headquartered in nearby Atlanta, has chosen Anderson as a test market for their latest product, Throwback Coke.

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