Shame on you Jon Stewart [updated w/Colbert response]

a special commentary from the editor

Like the rest of the country, South Carolinians rely on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to provide insightful analysis of news and politics, but lately, the fair and balanced coverage we’ve become accustomed to has taken a nasty twist.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Warning: This is Jon Stewart’s anti-South Carolina tirade!
Please, do not let children or the easily influenced view this clip.
Defends South Carolina!

On the Monday, August 3 episode, after going through the usual headlines, Stewart launched into an unprovoked tirade directed at the palmetto state. Leading off with a piece about an unfortunately targeted equinophile, he then launched into a rambling video montage denigrating everyone from our heroic governor to our two brave U.S. Senators and even disparaging State Senator Robert Ford who was willing to selflessly set aside years of hurt and hate endured by his neighbors and ancestors to propose a holiday honoring confederate veterans.

When we launched theDiscust earlier this year, we knew we would be covering our share of hard-hitting stories, but we never expected to have to come to the defense of our elected officials.

Had Stewart, or his “researchers,” done a little more homework, they would have found out the truth behind the gorilla story he mentioned, known the true sacrifices that Sen. DeMint is willing to make for his constituents, witnessed the principled beliefs of Governor Sanford, and appreciated the lengths that our law enforcement community is willing to go to in the name of fiscal responsibility.

I am doubly shocked that Stephen Colbert has yet to come to the defense of his home state. Could it be that he is still beholden to his former employer? Or is he just playing it safe while he contemplates a run for Congress?

Update: Colbert has stepped up to the plate and called out Stewart on his outrageous actions. This is clearly  a man working for your vote.

How do we fix this rift between one of our most trusted news anchors and our wounded civic pride? While it might be tempting to reenact one of South Carolina’s glorious historical victories, such as the caning of Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the U.S. Senate, perhaps a more recent event should serve as the model for redress. I feel compelled to defend my state’s honor, but to paraphrase The Princess Bride, you can’t compete with my cane-wielding neighbors physically, and I’m no match for the combined brains of your researchers and their fancy Ivy League degrees.

Therefore… Jon Stewart: I hereby challenge you(r offspring) to compete in the “First Annual Caitlin Upton Memorial ‘Is Your Kid Smarter Than A 4-Year-Old?’ Geography Challenge To Defend The Honor of South Carolina And Such As.”

My 4-year-old son has readily agreed to take all comers in the name of his home state. I understand you have a 3- and a 5-year-old; he will accept the challenge from either or both, but of course we will need to see some sort of legitimate birth certificate (and no, ‘certification of live birth’ doesn’t count).

Are you man enough to let your preschoolers do your fighting for you?  Well, I am. And when the dust settles and wet pants are changed, I will stand with my South Carolina brethren and graciously accept your apology.

I’ll be awaiting your response.

Brian Barrie (aka William Moultrie)


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2 comments on “Shame on you Jon Stewart [updated w/Colbert response]
  1. Charles Smith says:

    Ooooooo, preschooler smackdown! I’ll go pop some corn.

  2. South Carolinian Once Removed says:

    Here, here. My hat is off to the Discust for a rousing defense of yon fair state!

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