Hillary to Jenny: “Stand by your man!”

by Ashley Phosphate

Sullivan’s Island – theDiscust recently obtained emails exchanged between former first lady Hillary Clinton and South Carolina’s first lady Jenny Sanford.  We obtained the emails last week, but we held them until now to achieve greater drama.

hill-jennThe exchange details an emotional Sanford going toe to toe with the former first lady over her handling of the governor’s torrid love affair.  The first of the emails is a friendly exchange between the two women with Clinton offering words of encouragement, but the emails become less friendly as time goes by.

Here are excerpts from the emails in their chronological order:

June 28, 2009 From:  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State; To: Jenny Sanford
“I am so sorry to hear of your recent troubles.  As you know I had a similar situation with Bill and his little bitch a while back.  You’re part of that elite club of women who have schmuck husbands running all over the place getting some from any whore who’ll put it out there.  My advice: stick with him, it worked for me. Anyway, will talk later.  Something going on with North Korea and now I’ve got to go save the world!”

June 29, 2009 From Jenny Sanford; To Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
“Thanks for the kind words, I think.  You know that Mark’s “romance” if you can call it that was at least with someone his own age, don’t you?  I mean Bill came across as a real sleaze from the very beginning to me, you know?  He was philandering all along and it wasn’t a shock.  But with Mark, we’ve all been shocked.  He was so principled in a way that your man isn’t.  AP is here for an interview.  Gotta run!”

June 30, 2009 From:  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State; To: Jenny Sanford
“Well.  I didn’t know that Bill was such a “sleaze” to use your words.  And, I’m sorry if I’ve beaten you to the news today, but it looks like old principled Mark has been messing around with a lot of little hoochie mamas.  I’ll bet more than one of them is only a little older than your oldest boy.  Bill may have been a philanderer, but he didn’t have to get some foreign bitch.  He could get a real American chick.  Now I don’t like her, but at least he didn’t have to go to another continent.  Later.”

July 1, 2009 From Jenny Sanford; To Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
“A real “American”!   I can’t believe you, BITCH!  What difference does the heritage of the whore matter?  So you’re alright with your man doing an American girl and I should feel worse because my man did some slut from Buenos Aires?  That’s just stupid.  And so are you.”

The July 1 email was the last one in the exchange. The two women stopped at the requests of their husbands – the two men are on a mission to restore relations with Honduras which recently had a coup.  Before landing in Honduras, the two will travel briefly to Buenos Aires to congratulate Argentina’s Francisco de Narvaez who recently led an opposition movement against the President there.

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