DeMint: Space turns astronauts gay, time to defund NASA

by William Moultrie

Washington, DC – In 1983 Sally Ride became a hero as the first American woman to travel into space. She was also happily married to fellow astronaut Steve Hawley, a fact not lost on South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint (R).

DeMint announced today that he will be introducing legislation to freeze all funding for NASA pending an investigation to determine what role space travel has in fostering homosexuality.

“I can’t say I’ve followed Miss Ride’s career over the years,” said DeMint, “but last I heard she was flying the space shuttle and she was married to a man. Now we fast-forward twenty-five years and she’s a lesbian? It could be a coincidence, but I’m not sure as a country we should be willing to take that chance.”

NASA administrators were quick to point out that there have been hundreds of Americans in space and that there is no known higher incidence of homosexuality.

“That’s exactly the problem,” responded DeMint. “We don’t know how many astronauts are gay and if they were gay before they went into space. That’s exactly what we intend to find out.”

DeMint has already been in the news this week as his office has tried to stop the airing of ads from the Charleston-based Alliance for Full Acceptance (AAFA) that highlighted the senator’s comments on homosexuality. As yet, no televisions stations have stopped running the ads. The commercial can be seen on the AAFA website at


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One comment on “DeMint: Space turns astronauts gay, time to defund NASA
  1. Gian-Marco Cabibbe says:

    As a Republican, I have to admit Mr. DeMint´s proposed study is definitely one of the things that should NOT be included in any budget EVER.

    Dear Mr. DeMint, we already know that Mr.. Sulu is gay, so we already know the incredible dangers of space travel !!!!

    I only hope that Mr. DeMint had this brilliant idea outside working hours, so the taxpayers did not lose any money, and we, GOP supporters, did not lose any confidence in our (sort of) leaders.

    Mr. DeMint, please stop campaigning for the Democrats….pleeeease..thanks.

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