Bill Murray steals food, but only local food

by William Moultrie

Charleston – You would think your food would be safe from noted actor/comedian Bill Murray, but you would be mistaken, as a group of non-celebrities found out recently when they dined and discussed the merits of locally-grown produce.

The actor, made famous by his work as the voice of Garfield the cat in “Garfield,” quietly ate a little bit of everyone’s food as the conversation proceeded around him.

“You’d think after 35+ years of fame and fortune, some manners would rub off on him,” said Dana Beach, executive director of the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League (CCL). “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that he helped us with the video, but come on, I was hungry.”

CCL is participating in the Chase Community Giving project on Facebook in hopes of obtaining as much as $500,000 to support their local food initiative, GrowFood Carolina. From the website: “GrowFood Carolina will have health, economic and environmental benefits for food economies nationwide. GrowFood Carolina is a local food distribution center that will serve as a sustainable model for agriculture across the country. Growfood Carolina will provide distribution functions for small growers selling to grocers, institutions and restaurants in South Carolina, a state that lacks local agricultural distribution centers located in proximity to metropolitan markets.”

Murray was unavailable for comment so we turned to quotations from his movies to explain his feelings on the issue of locally grown food.

“Oh my god. Look at all the junk food. You actually eat this? Kids are starving in China and you’re walking around with a sombrero full of peanuts. I think we’re getting into a weird area here. That’s the fact, Jack.”

Voting ends on Wednesday, May 25.

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4 comments on “Bill Murray steals food, but only local food
  1. Nameless says:

    Wonder when Bill Murray will try being an honest and selfless person for once. Groundhog Day did him no good. He could save somebody’s life if he would put his pride away and come out to admit his faults (we all have them) and how that calculates into his health and other consequences, but it’d be unfair to expect someone who is so self-consumed to be humble, selfless and honest. For now, I guess I’ll continue seeing occasional tweets like “I want to smoke Pot with Bill Murray”…. while he maintains his silence with no objection.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. ~ Edmund Burke

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi, Bill.

  3. Sgt. Hulka says:

    @T.E.N. — Lighten up Francis.

  4. T.E.N. says:

    Gaaaaaaaaaaad. What an awful piece. Was it supposed to be humorous? It made Bill look bad and the quote from the Executive Director is just plain awful. Bill Murray is known for his most wonderful manners. He is a very polished gentleman. These folks should be thanking him for his time and participation in this worthy project.

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