Riley launches controversial campaign to extend I-526

by William Moultrie

Charleston, SC – The debate on whether or not to extend Interstate 526 in Charleston County was ratcheted up to a new level today with the launch of a controversial campaign by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

Actual dead puppy may differ from the puppy pictured.

Actual dead puppy may differ from the puppy pictured.

The advertising campaign, titled “If We Don’t Build 526, This Puppy Will Die” is being hailed by supporters as innovative and compelling.

“This is an important project,” said Riley, “and we’ve found that people aren’t paying enough attention, so we’ve decided it’s time to scare the crap out of them. Obviously it’s not literal — this particular puppy won’t die. But somewhere, sometime in the future, there will be a dead puppy, and that puppy’s blood will be on all of our hands if we don’t build this road.”

This week, Charleston County Council backed away from an earlier decision to kill the project after the vigorous lobbying from project proponents.

“There’s clearly a majority of people who support extending I-526,” continued Riley. “They didn’t care enough about it to come out to speak up over the past several years at the dozens of meetings held about the project, but we know they’re out there, and if we have to go door-to-door and remind people how they feel about the project, then we’re willing to do that. We’re hoping, however, that this new campaign will save us some time by getting to all the animal lovers at one time.”

The ads will be appearing in the Post & Courier on Sunday and in community newspapers next week.

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4 comments on “Riley launches controversial campaign to extend I-526
  1. Susan Quinn says:

    Stay strong and vocal, all you folks from Johns Island the the rest of the area that is so hauntingly beautiful and precious. Do NOT let these greedy bastards turn your paradise into another Myrtle Beach!

  2. tim mccoy says:

    Year after year the road is renamed, $tudied, plans are circulated. Then our county counsel has numerous public meetings with presenters and public input. Our elected counsel members then vote considering their constituent’s will and each time it is voted down. That is called representative democracy.
    Now mayor Riley makes a rather awkward pitch that it isn’t the will of those involved in the democratic process that counts but rather the uninvolved and indifferent, then he declares he knows what this silent majority wants?!! What heck! Mayor Riley has held office since 1975, thats 15 years longer than chicago’s Richard Daley. We could be put-off our mayor has transformed from a mere elected mortal to a brilliant Monarch ruling the unwashed masses and guiding the philistines of the hitherlands to welcome and embrace the Road of redemption, goodness,peace& joy! Glory,glory it saves the puppies. It is not just the undefined road project but that they think us so ignorant or stupid and incapable of organizing to preserve democracy. It is the open and obvious afront that they plan to force this project on us regardless of the peoples will. Never mind their silly Elections, “Let them eat cake”!

  3. YankeeLady says:

    The Mayor is desperately trying to deliver the promised project to his real estate/developer supporters. The Mayor and those who are bent on jamming this through in spite of public opposition are frantic. This is a blatant example of the crooked politics that characterizes the Low County, and shows the Mayor’s abject lack of character.

  4. deac of Wadmalaw says:

    The man is clearly out of hhis mind. He’s lost touch.
    His silent majority does not exist.
    His development buddies have sucked his brains out of his rear end.

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