“America’s Most Wanted” takes on one last case

by William Moultrie

Bethesda, MD – Fox may be canceling America’s Most Wanted after 20+ years of bringing criminals to justice but the show’s vowed not to go away until it apprehends Governor Nikki Haley’s identity thief.

It's good to be wanted, but maybe not "most wanted'

It's good to be wanted, but maybe not "most wanted'

Show spokesman Wayne Gayle said the producers feel that this is just the type of high-profile case the show should go out on.

“This may seem trivial at first glance,” said Gayle, “but there is someone out there impersonating a sitting governor. Identity theft is serious for anyone, but when the victim is a high-profile governor like Mrs. Haley, who’s carefully crafting a nationwide brand, it’s critical that this person be brought to justice.”

The case has been actively investigated by South Carolina law enforcement since March, but it dates back to 2008 when then-Representative Haley applied for a position at the Lexington Medical Center. The application was filled out listing Haley’s current salary at the time as $125,000 per year while her tax returns for the same time period indicate a salary of $22,000. Haley has since emphatically denied filling out that portion of the application.

“Some people may think this is a victimless crime,” continued Gayle, “but there’s someone out there who is trying to make people believe that Haley filled out that application falsely. Basically, that person is saying: ‘Governor Haley is a liar and/or a tax cheat; she can’t be trusted to fill out a form, much less run a state; at best she’s incompetent and more likely she’s criminally deceitful.’ We just can’t have people putting those kind of thoughts in folks’ heads, now can we?”

The governor declined to comment on matter, but an unnamed source in governor’s office said that “(Haley) appreciates the good intentions, but she feels time and resources could be better spent pursuing other criminals.”

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