SCGOP cancels presidential debate, cites patriotism

by William Moultrie

Greenville, SC – A new spirit of political unity is sweeping the nation today following yesterday’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death and it’s already having a tangible impact on the 2012 presidential election. A presidential debate scheduled for Thursday has been indefinitely postponed by the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP).

Love is in the air.

Love is in the air.

“I’m finding it hard to even think of our country as ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’ this morning,” said outgoing SCGOP chair Karen Floyd. “We are all Americans today and I have no doubt that feeling of camaraderie will continue for the foreseeable future. We had been looking forward to this first-in-the-nation debate, but at this point, I can’t imagine anyone getting up on that stage and saying anything bad about President Obama or the Democratic Party, and without that, there’s not much left to say. So, we decided there would be no point to holding the debate at this time.”

SCGOP spokesman Joel Sawyer said that the party is reserving the right to reschedule the event at a later date, but no specific plans have been made.

“This is a momentous day in American history,” said Sawyer, “and I am enjoying the bipartisan spirit. From a pragmatic sense however, we need to keep our options open, so we may reschedule the debate down the road, but right now I don’t see that happening.”

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