Haley gives Obama the (Angry) Bird

by William Moultrie

Washington, DC – Hundreds of politicians have made a career of going to Washington to fight pork, but few have gone so far as to fling birds at pigs in the White House.

Nikki is fighting pork in Washington one thieving pig at a time.

Nikki is fighting pork in Washington one thieving pig at a time.

As President Obama addressed the gathering of state governors, most were paying rapt attention to what he was saying. South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley, however, was working on a particularly challenging level of Angry Birds on her iPad.

“Her technique and strategy are very good,” said Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a fellow Angry Birds afficianado. “She does have a tendency to a more linear approach, eschewing creative angles, but she has clearly put in some serious time and knows what she’s doing.”

Haley’s obsession with her iPad didn’t go unnoticed by the White House staff.

“At first we were pretty annoyed,” said Jay Carney, White House press secretary. “But she was really on a roll and you don’t want to mess with someone when they’re on a streak. I mean really, she was clearing screens on her first shot and getting three stars to boot.  The governors may have been listening to the president, but by the end of the speech the staff were all watching Nikki and rooting for her.”

Haley was unapologetic about her preoccupation with the game.

“I gave him all the attention I felt he deserved,” said Haley, “and meanwhile the taxpayers of South Carolina bought this iPad and I owe it to them to make the most of it. Now, anybody catch what he was saying?”

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4 comments on “Haley gives Obama the (Angry) Bird
  1. Fox says:

    This is obviously photoshoped, from her posture, it seems she’s typing. You don’t play the game with two hands.

  2. Patrick says:

    I don’t know what it is about SC but this is the most disrespectful state in the nation. Joe Wilson and now this? My God afford some respect to the office even if you don’t like the man.

  3. Ohmaar says:

    Psst! Nikki! Fling a bird at the podium. I’ll award you a golden egg! ;-)

  4. Mad Max says:

    I agree. Governor Haley gave Obozo all the attention he deserved…NONE! From his philandering politicizing, to his unwelcome intrusion into Gov. Walker’s efforts to save his state from bankruptcy it’s all about the egomaniac.
    Good job Nikki!

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