Haley, Ard announce new “Pledge to South Carolina”

by Edgar Summer

Columbia – In a joint press conference Thursday, GOP candidate Nikki Haley for Governor and Ken Ard for Lt. Governor announced a new “Pledge to South Carolina.”

Hollywood might have Brangelina, but South Carolina's got "Nikki HaArd"

Hollywood might have Brangelina, but South Carolina's got "Nikki HaArd"

Haley said, “our goal will be to pass business-friendly legislation.”

“…until we do,” Ard continued, “we pledge to stop paying our taxes.”

Indeed, the two front-runners have the history to credibly live up to that pledge.

Associated Press records show the business owned by Nikki Haley’s family for which she was the accountant has been impressively penalized three times since 2003 for failing to pay taxes. Also Haley paid fines for failing to pay her personal income taxes on time. She also had tax liens for failure to pay corporate income taxes.

Despite her exemplary record, the S.C. Chamber of Commerce endorsed her opponent, Vincent Sheheen, an act which seems to confuse Haley. “Clearly, my opponent loves taxes,” Haley said, “he pays them on time. Can we trust a man who pays his taxes to have the best interests of the business community at heart?”

Ard also proudly touted his tax record, reading off a long list of his accomplishments. “I know I can live up to this pledge, as I have done during my time as a councilman. In fact, I’m so opposed to property taxes that I still haven’t paid this year’s [real estate taxes].”

Ard, 46, has served two terms on council. He planned to run the office like a “business” and not as a political one, saying business efficiency is what is needed in the office. “And when times get hard,” said Ard, ” we can just sell the office to the highest bidder. That’s what I did when I took over my daddy’s business, and that’s what I pledge to do with the Lt. Governor’s office.”

Mr. Ard also brought a shadow of doubt to his competitor’s credentials. “I don’t think we can trust no college boy up here in Columbia,” Ard said, referring to his democratic competitor. Ashley Cooper received his undergraduate degree from Clemson and his law degree from the University of South Carolina before he began his law practice in Greenville. “I mean,” Ard continued,” he has been endorsed by the SC Education Association, which severely undermines his credibility with ‘capital-B’ Business.”

When asked if the pledge extended to the citizenry, “so are you suggesting that the people stop paying taxes until you get them sorted out?” both candidates stared blankly into the lights for a moment and walked silently off the stage.

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2 comments on “Haley, Ard announce new “Pledge to South Carolina”
  1. SovereignCitizen says:

    Sorry, when I said “you” and “your” I meant “you HaArd cases”, NOT “you, my fellow Citizens”!!

    Just wanted to clear that up.

    And leave you, my fellow Citizens, with one last thought:

    If you train and encourage your children to go out among us and rob and steal from us, then bring that booty back home to you, even if you use the ill-gotten gain to feed the poor and pay your creditors, how is that Just? And which of you is more “guilty”, your children doing your bidding or YOU who sent them in the first place? How could it be any different if the “children” are aka “representatives”?

  2. SovereignCitizen says:

    How, exactly, is violating the 4th-Amendment Rights of the unemployed (or even the EMployed) “business-friendly legislation” in your perverted, Republican-Party-Controlled minds?

    I want to see YOU pee in a cup, Nikki! And We The People INSIST that we WATCH, JUST LIKE IN A REAL JOB.

    You will be required, Nikki, to SWEAR AN OATH to uphold and OBEY the Constitution. You prove (“by their fruits ye shall know them”) you are not HONORABLE, therefore any verbal “oath” would be insufficient to bind you to your DUTY.

    We can all see Ms. Haley’s character by the way she proposes to treat those of us who will NEVER enjoy her blandishments and power.

    Next candidate?

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