McCoy and Santorum woo Folly Beach

by William Moultrie

Folly Beach – Peter McCoy is employing a novel technique in wooing his mostly gay-friendly constituents by raising money with one of the least gay-friendly Senators ever.

Former Senator and possible 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum will be joining McCoy on Wednesday morning to raise some money for McCoy’s run for SC House district 115, which includes Folly Beach and James Island.

McCoy is spreading Santorum all over Folly Beach

McCoy is spreading Santorum all over Folly Beach

Critics are calling it a bold strategy for someone who wants to represent Folly Beach, arguably the most gay-friendly city in South Carolina. In fact, in 2006, when South Carolina passed a constitutional amendment banning  gay marriage by an overwhelming margin, Folly Beach was the only city in the state to vote against it.

Senator Santorum spent much of his legislative career arguing against gay rights and same-sex unions.

“I’m not really sure what McCoy’s doing,” said Franklin Francis, longtime Folly resident. “He’s bringing the guy who compared gay sex to bestiality, and while we really do love our dogs here, it’s not like that.”

“What’s next?” asked Joyce Martins. “Is he going to bring General Sherman on a sweep through the area? Maybe Hurricane Hugo? I hear the president of Uganda hates gays too — maybe he has some time in his schedule.”

No word yet on how much money McCoy is expecting to raise, but he’s got another major fundraiser lined up for next month. The entire cast of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” will be living on Folly Beach and hanging around town for a couple weeks, all the while soliciting donations for McCoy’s campaign.

“It’s going to be awesome having Snookie and The Situation and the whole gang down here for a couple weeks,” McCoy said. “Believe me, I know people and the folks around here are going to love them.”

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One comment on “McCoy and Santorum woo Folly Beach
  1. Alastair says:

    I might have to take a trip down to Charleston for an opportunity to harass that jackass. Maybe Fred Phelps will speak first to warm up the crowd.

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