Five young white guys drink, decide future of SC

by William Moultrie

Columbia – Where do you turn when you don’t know what to make of politics in South Carolina? Everyone knows the real power in this state rests with young white guys drinking in bars, but that has always been a world shrouded in mystery. Until now.

Pictured, left to right (with the other guys in-between)

Pictured, left to right (with the other guys in-between)

Witness if you will, five young white guys drinking in a bar, talking about politics on camera. This is government transparency at its best.

It’s not just any random five young white guys either. These five young white guys represent a true cross-section of young white guys at bars in South Carolina, including Democrats, Republicans, Conservo-Libertarian bloggers, journalists, and academics.

While this was a particularly diverse group of young white guys drinking at a bar, our research shows that any five young white guys drinking at a bar would result in substantially the same conversation, with a margin of error of plus or minus two young white guys.

A careful analysis of the video and transcript reveals the following demographic details about South Carolina:

  • Republicans wear ties and drink from bottles,
  • Democrats drink draft beer,
  • Reporters dig through trash,
  • Cal Ripkin has fans in the south, and
  • There’s not much room at the table for academics (literally and metaphorically)

Watch and judge for yourself. Maybe you’ll learn something… but probably not:

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One comment on “Five young white guys drink, decide future of SC
  1. Gail Hanson says:

    I must confess that over the last two weeks of this kind of particularly unhinged election cycle, despite the brief thought refreshment I experienced in the Restoring Sanity Rally with Saturday, I have once again begun to suss out suitable caves while in the Northwest Territories of Canada to i always can retire and get rid the intellectual and moral potato sack sprint into the bottom that is our own national political conversation.

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