Colbert mum on Congressional aspirations

by William Moultrie

Charleston – Stephen Colbert, star of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” is remaining silent amid growing rumors that he is planning to run for Congress from his native South Carolina. Were he to run, he would likely seek to unseat incumbent Republican Henry Brown in the first congressional district, a district that includes Charleston, Colbert’s hometown.

A "draft Stephen Colbert" website unaffiliated with Colbert or Comedy Central has been posted online in the past week.

A "draft Stephen Colbert" website unaffiliated with Colbert or Comedy Central has been posted online in the past week.

After his unsuccessful attempt to have his name included on the Republican ballot in the 2008 presidential primary, many observers speculated that his political ambitions would resurface.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name on the ballot,” said College of Charleston Political Science professor Jack Ward. “He’s clearly got some strong ideas and a lot of supporters, and nobody can touch his name recognition.”

In addition to name recognition, he appears to have some inherit advantages over both the contestants in the last election, Rep. Henry Brown and Democratic challenger Linda Ketner.

“In 2008,  53% of the voters in the first district voted against the lesbian candidate, and 47% voted against the guy who started the forest fire,” Ward continued, “I’m no mathematician, but looking at that, it seems to me that a candidate that is not a lesbian and hasn’t burned down any forests has the potential to get almost 100% of the vote.”

Voters seem very open to a potential Colbert candidacy.

“That would be great news for our party,” said Shirley McGreagor of the Horry County Republicans. “He would bring a true conservative voice that’s badly needed around here.  Henry’s been fine, but he almost let that gay woman beat him.  He’s had his turn. Now it’s time for someone in the true spirit of Ronald Reagan to lead us.”

“That would be great news for our party,” said Franklin Walowitz of the North Charleston Democratic lunch club. “He’s frickin hilarious, and the crazy thing is, I’ve heard some of the Republicans don’t get that it’s an act. Either way, nothing but good could come of this.  Sign me up.”

Though Colbert was unavailable for comment as he was taping his show in the Middle East, first district residents aren’t letting his lack of commitment to the election stand in there way.  A website not affiliated to Colbert himself ( has been set up to collect signatures on a petition to draft him to run.

Stay tuned to theDiscust for further developments on this story.

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