SC’s top satirical website celebrates anniversary with self-promotion

by William Moultrie
(aka Brian Barrie)

Charleston – In a shocking departure from tradition, South Carolina’s premier satirical website, theDiscust, has eschewed the traditional hard-hitting Monday morning breaking news for a bit of self-promotion. TheDiscust celebrated it’s anniversary on Sunday, defying the odds and managing to stay afloat for a staggering .5 years so far.

What do Jenny Sanford
and Brian Barrie have in common?

Jenny and Brian are both featured as “Unique, Buzz-Worthy, and Intriguing” in a feature in Charleston Magazine’s November Issue. So, we wondered what else the pair might have in common.

  • Jenny is a single mother, living on Sullivan’s Island, about a half-mile (and a half-dozen tax brackets) from where Brian grew up with his single mother.
  • They both did their stints in DC in the late 1990s, Brian working in the Senate and Jenny with her husband who was working in the House.
  • They both got introduced to a fairly wide audience this summer because of something/someone Mark Sanford did.
  • Neither has a full-time job (though I suspect only one is looking).
  • Both have written things attributed to Ms. Sanford; Brian’s were satire, Jenny’s were probably not.
  • Neither seems likely to sleep with the governor in the near future.

In what seems unlikely to be a mere coincidence, Charleston Magazine is featuring publisher Brian Barrie and his website in their November issue as one of their 14 (or 15 — it’s a little confusing) intriguing locals. Click here for the story, but don’t tell them I sent you because I’m not sure the issue is actually out yet.

In another milestone event, The Huffington Post ran one of theDiscust’s features last week, “College of Charleston testing applications via Twitter,” driving an extraordinary amount of traffic our way. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the story,  was not listed in the ‘humor’ section, but in the technology section, and in fact spent most of the day on Thursday on the front page of the site presented as if it were fact.

The six-month download of very mildly interesting info:

  • Visits from every state, but twice as many from SC as the next closest (CA)
  • Visits from 147 countries/territories including a good number of hits from Argentina
  • Most popular story: “Jenny Sanford: ‘Gay marriage wrecked my family’ “
  • 2nd most popular: “Rep. Joe Wilson enters rehab after outburst”
  • Most prolific referring website:
  • Most popular ‘click’: the Share on Facebook button, followed by

So, six months later… how are we doing? We want to know. I’m dropping a poll in for a bit of feedback so we’d love to hear from you. We’re pretty happy with what we’re putting out and have yet to hear a single complaint from any of our targets, so we’re going to continue to happily assume that everyone is laughing with us, not plotting against us.


Pick up to three answers. If you’d like to expand on your answer, feel free to use the comment area at the bottom or drop us a line at And in the long tradition of polling in South Carolina, please feel free to vote as often as you like.

It's been 6 months, how's theDiscust doing?

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One comment on “SC’s top satirical website celebrates anniversary with self-promotion
  1. Laws Garold says:

    My night has become a sunny dawn because of you

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