SC Asst. AG busted in cemetery with stripper; brought sex toys “just in case”

REAL NEWS from The State:

Roland Corning, an assistant attorney general, was pulled over by officer Michael D. Wines at 3:15 p.m. Monday, according to a Columbia Police Department report.

Wines is married to Megan Wines, who also works in the attorney general’s office. Wines called his wife during the incident to verify Corning’s identity.

Megan Wines then reported the incident to Deputy Attorney General John McIntosh, who relayed the information to Attorney General Henry McMaster, according to Trey Walker, spokesman for McMaster’s office.

Less than two hours later, Corning was no longer employed with McMaster’s office, Walker said Tuesday.

Wines wrote in his report that two people were in the car – Corning and an unnamed 18-year-old female, an “employee of Platinum Plus Gentlemen’s Club.”

Earlier, Wines had witnessed the Ford Explorer that Corning was driving pull into a secluded portion of Elmwood Cemetery that Wines had “received past complaints in ref. to illegal activity, i.e. sex acts and drug abuse,” Wines wrote in the report.

And the best part:

“At that point I asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which he stated no and gave consent to search,” Wines wrote.

The search revealed a sex enhancement drug and some sex toys. According to the report, Corning told Wines he had a prescription for the medication and the other items were always in the car “just in case.”

Read the rest in The State.

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One comment on “SC Asst. AG busted in cemetery with stripper; brought sex toys “just in case”
  1. MargaretS says:

    Oh, dear! Poor guy! What trouble, what trouble! What WAS he thinking. Oops, guess no thinking involved. Bless his heart. Lost his job, reputation and I’m guessing, his wife. Good grief, has he not heard of motels? This is sad, yet what did we expect from the AG’s office? Between Twitters and Craig’s List, they just do not seem Governor material. I am sorry for the people involved. Such a public embarrassment for all involved. (Maybe someone has been watching The Good Wife on TV, or maybe they should have.)

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