RNC launches SC-specific website

by William Moultrie

Washington – Following yesterday’s glitch-plagued re-launch of GOP.com, the Republican National Committee (RNC) today launched several state-specific versions of their flagship website, including one solely for South Carolina residents.

site-comparisonWhile most of the country will see a new, more diverse face of the Republican party when they visit the site, residents of South Carolina will see some more familiar faces. The RNC webserver has been set up to determine the visitor’s location and direct them accordingly.

“We really are interested in creating diversity in the party,” said chairman Michael Steele. “But we have to be realistic, and our research tells us that the diversity angle just isn’t playing well in some markets.”

The website South Carolinians will see when they log on to GOP.com is virtually identical to the one the rest of the country sees, except that in the upper left corner most of the country will see a carousel of ethnically diverse faces while residents of the palmetto state might see Rep. Joe Wilson or Rush Limbaugh.

“I think it’s perfectly appropriate,” said SC GOP chairperson Karen Floyd. “This is just another expression of the diversity of the Republican party. In this state, Republicans want to be able to look at a website and be comforted by familiar faces, not be frightened by something new. There’s nothing racially motivated about it at all. We have several black Republicans in this state; hang on… I’ve got their numbers right here, you can ask them yourself.”

Rep. Wilson was unfazed by being featured so prominently on the primary Republican website.

“Frankly, it’s inevitable that the cream rises to the top,” Wilson said. “Everybody wants a piece of Joe Wilson, and that’s fine, there’s plenty of Joe Wilson to go around. If putting my face up there helps the party then by all means, they should do it. And if they need me for a fundraiser anywhere in the country, I’ll be there. And when they start looking for a new party chairman – sometime down the road, far in the future of course – then I’ll be there too”

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