You can have my guns when you pry them from the cold dead Pontiac that I’m buried in

REAL NEWS from the Saluda Standard-Sentinel:

Logan found out about two years ago Lonnie Holloway wanted to get buried in his car, so he had plenty of time to prepare.

“The first thing I did was call DHEC to get their guidelines,” Logan said. “But they didn’t have any guidelines, because it had never been done before.”

Logan had contacted Rodney Minick of Saluda Body Shop and Minick’s Wrecker Service in advance for his help in preparing the car for burial…

Minick also removed the tires before the car was put on the ground.

“Rodney said he had a buried a car with the tires left on before, and it rose out of the ground. We didn’t want that to happen,” Logan said.

Following the graveside service, Mr. Holloway’s gun collection was put into the trunk. Then the car and Mr. Holloway were lowered into the grave, and covered with a tarp. The grave was filled with concrete, a concrete slap was placed over the top, then the slab was covered with dirt.

“That’s all it was to it,” Logan said.

Read the rest in the Saluda Standard-Sentinel

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