The Sanford Chronicles: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?

After enduring months of production delays and a violent gaffer strike, theDiscust is proud to finally present Episode 1 of (some number between 2 and 10) of The Sanford Chronicles.

Episode 1: Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to? finds our governor struggling with the eternal question: “Do I take this ginormous sack of money from the government, or do I fight against it a little while longer even though I’m pretty sure I’ll lose in the end?” Adding to his woes, apparently his wife Jenny knows something that he doesn’t know she knows. I’ll give you a hint — it’s something in a country that rhymes with Smargentina.

Thank you’s go to the cast/crew including our own Scott Lewis West (aka Trey Bledsoe) as “Mark,” Andrea McGinn as “Jenny,” Devin Grant as “Joel,” and the mysteriously named Nom de Plume as “Maria.” It would be a stretch to say that any similarities to real people is just a coincidence, so I won’t say that. Also, big thanks to Jackie Armstrong, Jr., for the narration. If you need voiceover help, drop him a line at — he’s a pro.

While we could have done this with a better director and some professional equipment, we could not have done this without the cast who generously donated their time in the vain pursuit of becoming YouTube celebrities. Thanks y’all.

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