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NFL exploring use of bowl games to increase revenue


When the Super Bowl rolls into town the talk inevitably turns to money, and this year is no exception. To that end, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hosted an informal meeting with business reporters on Thursday to discuss possible new revenue streams for the league and its players, including the possibility of converting the existing playoff system into a series of college-like bowl games.

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Gamecocks bring back Garcia to replace Lattimore

Stephen Garcia back with the Gamecocks?

In a shocking turn of events today, University of South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier welcomed former quarterback Stephen Garcia back onto the squad to replace injured running back Marcus Lattimore.

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NFL looking at South Carolina as a temporary home


As labor negotiations drag on between the NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), the NFL is considering all it’s options to play in the Fall, including moving the entire league to a temporary home in a non-union state.

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NCAA suspended over handling of Cam Newton case

Indianapolis, IN – In yet another twist in the case of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s pay-to-play eligibility investigation, the NCAA itself has been indefinitely suspended from regulating college football.

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Obama hates South Carolina, proves it with NCAA bracket

Washington, DC – Barack Obama’s unspoken disdain for South Carolina became apparent on Wednesday with the release of his official NCAA Basketball Tournament picks.

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South Carolina Goes Green

Columbia – The South Carolina Legislature voted today to approve a plan designed to stimulate the state’s ailing economy. In the words of Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell, the proposal aims to “turn the entire coast of our great state green.”

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Pat Robertson and Andre Bauer to Represent USA in Winter Olympics

Colorado Springs, CO – The United States synchronized insanity spouting team just got a whole lot stronger today, as Pat Robertson and Andre Bauer declared they would be forming a team to compete in the upcoming Vancouver games.

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Henry Brown retirement propels C of C to win over UNC

Charleston – The College of Charleston’s improbable victory over the University of North Carolina was all but sealed earlier in the day when Rep. Henry Brown decided not to seek re-election. Brown has represented the Charleston area in Congress since 2001, which was the year of the Cougars’ previous victory over the Tar Heels.

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