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SC GOP solicits funds to honor current & recent leaders

South Carolina Legends

How much would you give to see a Mt. Rushmore-inspired monument depicting Mark Sanford, André Bauer, Nikki Haley, and Ken Ard? That’s exactly what the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) wants to know.

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Editor addresses rumors Haley ordered theDiscust shut down


Responding to inquiries from reporters and concerned readers, William Moultrie, editor of theDiscust, refused to confirm or deny rumors that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ordered theDiscust shut down and had him interred at an undisclosed location.

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Bill Murray steals food, but only local food


Charleston – You would think your food would be safe from noted actor/comedian Bill Murray, but you would be mistaken, as a group of non-celebrities found out recently when dined and discussed the merits of locally-grown produce.

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Liberals shocked more of their taxes don’t pay for abortions


The Obama administration rolled out a new tool this week to allow taxpayers to see exactly how their money is being spent. While Advocates for government transparency are pleased with this new service, the breakdown has some Americans seeing red.

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Rocky Raccoon fell back in his room, and wound up in a big Gadsden freezer


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NFL looking at South Carolina as a temporary home


As labor negotiations drag on between the NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), the NFL is considering all it’s options to play in the Fall, including moving the entire league to a temporary home in a non-union state.

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Revealed: Charlie Sheen rants are scripted… by Chuck Lorre


Charlie Sheen may be “winning,” but behind every winning actor is a talented writer and this case is no exception. TheDiscust has exclusively learned that the scribe behind Sheen’s recent ranting and raving is none other than his supposed nemesis, Chuck Lorre.

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Friendship bracelets bond Carnival, SPA

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill and the SC States Ports Authority Executive Jim Newsome have agreed to exchange friendship bracelets in lieu of local safeguards and standards.

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