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Bill Murray steals food, but only local food


Charleston – You would think your food would be safe from noted actor/comedian Bill Murray, but you would be mistaken, as a group of non-celebrities found out recently when dined and discussed the merits of locally-grown produce.

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Haley offers Groupon special for donors

The deal is on.

Columbia – The economy is hitting everyone hard, including Republican donors, and Governor Nikki Haley is trying to help them out.

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Trump to unemployed in SC: What’s your problem?


Donald Trump has yet to officially announce any presidential aspirations, but his rhetoric seems aimed at wooing the business leaders and Tea Partiers of the state’s Republican party.

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Haley on staff raises: “It will trickle down.”

Newly inaugurated Governor Nikki Haley wasted little time taking action to turn around South Carolina’s economy, with her first act of economic stimulus being to increase salaries of her personal staff.

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Alvin Greene doll set to hit store shelves

Charleston – The first shipment of Alvin Greene action figures arrived in port today from Mattel Inc.’s Chinese assembly plant and were immediately transferred to trucks for distribution around the state. TheDiscust has exclusively obtained some of the marketing materials for the doll, which is expected to be a huge hit.

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SC Lobbyists team up for “Mega-Awesome” proposal

Columbia — In a cost-cutting measure, some of South Carolina’s most influential lobbyists have combined forces to try to pass legislation that would create the world’s largest facility that would serve as a mall, a landfill, a private school funded by vouchers, and a check-cashing/payday lending service.

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Lindsey Graham sues E*Trade over baby commercial

Washington DC – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), has filed suite against E*Trade Financial Corp for $1 million, alleging that his name and likeness were used in the form of a baby girl in one of the firm’s recent commercials.

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Pitts proposes America adopt frankfurter standard

Laurens – South Carolina Representative Mike Pitts has introduced legislation that would mandate that hot dogs replace federal currency as legal tender in the state.

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