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SC Baptists weigh in on Haley flap

Anderson — Baptist leaders convened in prayer today to ask God to forgive South Carolina’s politicians for any marital “transgressions” they all may have committed.

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Fat legislators give selves free gym memberships

Columbia – Statehouse officials are apparently feeling the effects of the recession, as well as the effects of bulging waistlines. And what’s a powerful legislator to do when confronted with the prospect of having to pay to attend a gym like rest of us? Introduce H 4529 to give members of the SC General Assembly free access to gyms owned by the state or any local governments.

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“Cut those mother******* to the bone” says Rep. Jim Merrill

Daniel Island – Recorded conversations between Representative Jim Merrill and as yet unidentified parties on a conference have the Daniel Island Republican making apologies to everyone from Superintendent of Education Jim Rex to local education officials.

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Halloween canceled in the Upstate

Citing a concern about witchcraft, gay-oriented television shows and declining math scores across the state, leaders confirmed that local law enforcement, school officials and clergy will work together to get the word out that the Upstate will be Halloween-free in 2009.

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Baptists battle Pope for Episcopal souls in SC

Mt. Pleasant – The recent decree from the Vatican opening the door for Episcopals to enter into communion with the Catholic has been met with resistance from South Carolina’s Baptist establishment.

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Obama mind control experiment stopped by Dorchester County officials

Summerville – A decision to not allow teachers to show Obama’s speech to the nation’s schoolchildren has been hailed as a “blow against tyranny” by Dorchester County’s school board.

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4th graders attack teacher over Obama speech

Goose Creek – A group of students attacked their teacher Friday after she said her class would view President Obama’s address to the nation’s school children.

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Kennedy’s death to help with end to ‘Obamamare’ Bob Jones official says

Greenville – Bob Jones University chancellor Paul Blankenship declared today that the death of liberal Senator Edward Kennedy “has now paved the way to an end to this ‘Obamamare.’”

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