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Mayor Riley Declared Emperor of Charleston

Charleston – In a move thought long overdue by a majority of Lowcountry pundits, Mayor Joseph Riley has declared himself Emperor of the city of Charleston and the surrounding fiefdoms of Summerville and James Island.

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South Carolina Goes Green

Columbia – The South Carolina Legislature voted today to approve a plan designed to stimulate the state’s ailing economy. In the words of Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell, the proposal aims to “turn the entire coast of our great state green.”

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Democrats vow to one day be a minor factor in SC politics

Columbia – Jaded South Carolinians have been left even more stunned and amazed than usual today thanks to a bold statement coming from the State Democratic Party Chairman Carol Fowler.

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Pat Robertson and Andre Bauer to Represent USA in Winter Olympics

Colorado Springs, CO – The United States synchronized insanity spouting team just got a whole lot stronger today, as Pat Robertson and Andre Bauer declared they would be forming a team to compete in the upcoming Vancouver games.

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Lindsay Graham Disappears Into Ideological Black Hole

Columbia – The state of South Carolina was hit by a shocking tragedy Thursday as the second-term Senator Lindsay Graham disappeared into a gaping hole in the political spectrum.

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