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Breaking: Haley to replace DeMint with Mark Sanford


Political observers were shocked Thursday morning when they learned that Senator Jim DeMint was resigning his seat, but Governor Nikki Haley has upped the ante by suggesting she might name former Governor Mark Sanford to replace him.

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The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #2 Alvin Greene

This time last year, Chad McGowan and Mike Ruckes were the Democrats running against Jim DeMint for his seat in the Senate. When they didn’t seem serious, Vic Rawl jumped in and looked to be a shoe-in for the nomination. Enter Alvin.

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The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #3 Jim DeMint

The conventional wisdom is that a first-term U.S. Senator would need to spend a lot of time in the state campaigning for re-election, but the conventional wisdom rarely applies to South Carolina politics.

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DeMint issues new demands in Senate standoff

Washington – South Carolina’s Senator Jim DeMint, who made headlines this week by threatening to shut down the Senate, ratcheted up his demands today with a controversial list of new requirements of his fellow senators.

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Alvin Greene doll set to hit store shelves

Charleston – The first shipment of Alvin Greene action figures arrived in port today from Mattel Inc.’s Chinese assembly plant and were immediately transferred to trucks for distribution around the state. TheDiscust has exclusively obtained some of the marketing materials for the doll, which is expected to be a huge hit.

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