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Task force formed to investigate legislators’ Facebook “likes”

like cuffs

Acting quickly on the heels of Tuesday’s Facebook incident involving two Republican county executives, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has formed a new task force to investigate what public officials may or may not be “liking” on Facebook or re-Tweeting on Twitter.

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“America’s Most Wanted” takes on one last case


Bethesda, MD – Fox may be canceling America’s Most Wanted after 20+ years of bringing criminals to justice but the show’s vowed not to go away until it apprehends Governor Nikki Haley’s identity thief.

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Law enforcement needs public’s help to catch Haley’s “phantom”


Columbia – As the search for the person who fraudulently filled out a job application on behalf of Nikki Haley enters its third week, State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) officials are looking for help from the public.

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Statewide manhunt underway for “Phantom Applicant”

Governor Haley (left) and an police sketch of the suspect.

An urgent alert has been issued to law enforcement agencies around the state today as police and other enforcement agencies tried to track down the person alleged to have made false claims on behalf of Governor Nikki Haley.

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It snot the cop’s fault

REAL NEWS from Island Packet

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SC Attorney General’s office repels zombie attack with graveyard sex

Columbia – Addressing earlier accounts that one of his key staffers was engaging in intercourse with a stripper in a cemetery, Attorney General Henry McMaster announced today that his office had successfully turned back an invasion of the undead.

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Bauer: If Sanford doesn’t step down, I’ll start driving again

Columbia – Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer renewed his offer to stay out of the 2010 gubernatorial race if Governor Sanford chose to resign rather than face impeachment and threatened to begin driving again if the Governor chose not to.

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Michael Jackson seen at cock fight

Red Top – Sheriff Al Cannon confirmed that LAPD officials positively identified via fingerprints Michael Jackson’s presence at an illegal cock fight on a farm in the rural town.

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