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Joe Wilson forms “Angry Bird” caucus in Congress

Washington – There’s a new air of cooperation in the Capitol this week but that isn’t stopping some of the more vocal members from banding together to form their own caucus.

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Stewart and Colbert plan DC Rally; South Carolina plots preemptive counter-protest

Columbia – In an emergency conference call, a hastily assembled coalition of South Carolina’s politicians, bloggers, newspaper reporters, strategists, and inmates crafted plans to protest a newly announced rally by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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Obama to Rep. Joe Wilson: “Who’s lying now?”

Beaufort – Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC2) received an unexpected phone call from Washington this weekend relating to the ongoing investigation into his alleged ethics lapses.

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Joe Wilson pondering how to become relevant again

Beaufort – Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC2), who garnered international attention for shouting “You Lie!” during a September presidential speech on health care reform, is contemplating an encore to stay hot with this year’s elections around the corner.

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