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SC’s top satirical website celebrates anniversary with self-promotion

Charleston – In a shocking departure from tradition, a South Carolina-based satirical website, theDiscust, has eschewed the traditional hard-hitting Monday morning breaking news for a bit of self-promotion.

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Sanford’s impeachment fight previews fight for unemployment benefits

Columbia – With State Rep. Greg Delleney’s announcement on Tuesday that he will be introducing an impeachment resolution when the Legislature reconvenes next week, Sanford watchers are already looking ahead to an even tougher fight for the soon-to-be-former governor: filing for unemployment benefits.

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This is not funny, I need a job.

I’ve gone through all the usual channels, and I’ve tried to be cute and clever, but nothing seems to be working. Somewhere out there is a job for me and I need to find it. So, here goes the more direct approach.

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Gitmo detainees to be held on floating prison on SC’s lakes

Santee – House Majority Whip Henry Clyburn announced that an agreement has been reached to end the long controversial holding of terror suspects on Guantanamo Bay. The plan will involve housing the 200+ detainees on a state of the art “floating Alcatraz” Clyburn said.

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Desperate for attention, Sarah Palin takes to stalking SC tourists

REAL NEWS from the Greenville News

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Local publisher creates entire publication just to find a job

Charleston – Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that an area publication exists entirely to provide a job-seeking forum for a single person – himself. We sought to track down this individual and get to the bottom of the story, but as it turns out, he was right here all along.

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Eight busted for filming people not having sex in Myrtle Beach

REAL NEWS from the Myrtle Beach Sun News

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SC moves to in-source American jobs from India

South Carolina Education Secretary Jim Rex announced a new graduation requirement for next year’s incoming freshmen in South Carolina. The course, Asian Telemarketing/Customer Service, will teach South Carolina’s students the technical expertise to fill hotel reservations and to solve basic computer problems.

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