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Obama to Rep. Joe Wilson: “Who’s lying now?”

Beaufort – Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC2) received an unexpected phone call from Washington this weekend relating to the ongoing investigation into his alleged ethics lapses.

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Spanish intern tasked with planning Cinco de Mayo celebration

Columbia – Carolina Pascal recently called her aunt in Barcelona to wish her a happy birthday. Little did 21-year-old intern for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) expect that her overheard “feliz cumpleaños” would lead to her planning the office’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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Sanford fights release of Santa’s Naughty List

Columbia – Governor Mark Sanford has had a bad year and everyone knows it, but how bad was it exactly? A new court filing by Sanford’s lawyers to block release of Santa’s famed “Naughty List” is leaving some observers to think there’s more than what we know about.

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Henry Brown saves Christmas, woos conservatives

Myrtle Beach – First District Congressman Henry Brown embarked on a bold new strategy this week to appeal to his conservative base by embracing Christmas.

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Zhu Zhu Rescue Shelter Created

Summerville – Zhu Zhu pet hamsters are the must-have present of the 2009 holiday season. They squeak, run through mazes and even ride skateboards without making a mess, making them darlings of kids and their parents.

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Citibank invited to have intercourse with themselves

Charleston – A local publisher got a heaping helping of holiday cheer courtesy of South Dakota-based bank Citibank, a division of New York-based Citigroup (NYSE: C) on Sunday. The credit card giant shared the holiday spirit this year by decreasing his available credit by almost $5,000 to about $25 and letting him know via the cashier at a local Barnes & Noble when his card was declined.

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The Twelve Months of Mark Sanford, a Carol

It’s a little bit early, but i thought it would be nice to start a countdown of the final year (if that) of Governor Mark Sanford’s employment by the state, so in the spirit of the holidays, I give you the twelve months of Sanford.

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