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Movie Review: Nikki Haley – Undead Zombie Voter Fighter


Politics, zombies, voter suppression, blatantly ripping off Hollywood — this movie has it all, and more.

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SC, NH voters search internet for Santorum, intrigued by what they find

Rick Santorum

With the photo finish in the Iowa caucus now over, the pressure is now on Republican voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina to choose from the newly re-ordered field of candidates, and many are turning to the internet for more information.

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SCGOP cancels presidential debate, cites patriotism


A new spirit of political unity is sweeping the nation today following yesterday’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death and it’s already having a tangible impact on the 2012 presidential election.

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Trump to unemployed in SC: What’s your problem?


Donald Trump has yet to officially announce any presidential aspirations, but his rhetoric seems aimed at wooing the business leaders and Tea Partiers of the state’s Republican party.

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South Carolina governed by sketchy characters


Charleston, SC – What do you call tax cheats, a campaign finance violators, and an adulterous stalkers who win elections? In South Carolina we call it government.

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Ken Ard to hold fundraiser to pay back donors, not to shop more

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Lt. Governor Ken Ard is determined to pay back all the donors who feel slighted by his alleged spending of campaign funds on personal expenses. And he’s asking you to help him do it.

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Haley updates Facebook status to “Open Relationship”


In a move Statehouse insiders say is a preemptive defense against Will Folks’ upcoming tell-all book, Governor Nikki Haley has updated her Facebook relationship status to indicate she is in an “open relationship.”

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Ken Ard spent my money and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Columbia – After eight ever-interesting years with André Bauer as Lt. Governor, South Carolina was looking forward to what looked to be a pretty dull four-to-eight years of Ken Ard. Oh how wrong we were.

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